Learn The #1 Secret I Learned That Helped My Private Coaching Clients MAKE MILLIONS!
Yes you can RAISE PRICES and SELL MORE, all while HAVING MORE FUN, with the right system
Engage Those Challenging Millennials
70% of millennials say they would rather be happy at work than have a job that makes them a lot of money. So, in order to retain high quality employees, it’s critical to find ways to keep your team happy, for their sake as well as for the sake of your business. 
Get a Headstart on your Competition
It’s predicted that 50% of all businesses will have at least one aspect of their business gamified within the next two years, and we think it’s high time you get in on it, too.
Thats where my Gamification system comes in
"Gamification is a business hack that will enable you to quickly become the leader that can move mountains.”
Chris Collins 

After completing this course, you’ll fully understand how, and why, implementing my Gamification System in your business will help you sell more and increase employee motivation. I guarantee it!
What You Get!
In my system, you get an easy to follow formula that you can put into immediate action and achieve real results. 
In this course, you’ll learn:
  •  How to effectively implement gamification into your business strategy
  •  How to increase your margins and sell more
  •  How to keep your employees engaged and motivated
  •  How to avoid the pitfalls of gamification
  •  How to positively impact your business by having more fun
Throughout the course, you’ll see:
  •  Real life examples of gamification in practice
  •  Tools and techniques to apply gamification in your business strategy
  •  Exercises that help you implement what you’ve learned, ensuring that you walk away with actionable information
  •  Over 20 games you can implement in your business right now
  •  Instructional videos
  •  Complete lifetime access to all resources shared in the course
  •  Mobile and online access
  •  A forum where you can interact with other business leaders and ask Chris questions
  •  A certificate of completion that tells the world that you’ve mastered gamification
  •  A 60-day money-back-guarantee
In GAMIFICATION by Chris Collins, you will get:
Real life examples
Tools and techniques to apply GAMIFICATION in your business
Exercises to implement what you have learned
Over 20 games you can implement in YOUR business right now
See instant results with Gamification: Playing for Profits - Fast Start Course. You’ll uncover how fun and powerful it is as you gain access to exclusive Gamification methodologies.
When will I have access to the course and assignments?
As soon as you hit the “…” button and complete the payment, you will get access to all course materials.
How long does the course take to complete?
The course is self-paced, so you can take the lessons when you have the time, at your convenience.
Do I need prior gamification knowledge?
No. This course is built for leaders at all levels of understanding. All you need is determination!
Who is Chris Collins?
Chris Collins is the the World’s foremost Gamification expert, bringing fun, success, and profits to business owners and leaders across the globe.

Chris's Gamification methods have revolutionized the hyper-competitive automotive industry. He helps these business leaders reduce turnover, ramp up sales to record numbers, and help teams truly enjoy their work.
"The techniques that Chris uses are proven. They’ve worked wonders for me, and my numbers reflect it. Because of that, the owners made more money, my team has made more money, and our customers are happy."

Dan Golinsky
"Chris has a great sense of business and the importance of developing people to better serve our customers. His “play to win" and ‘have fun while doing it’ mindset, is a perfect blend for success. I highly recommend his program for those who want to have bulldogs in their business."

Ken Erlan
“Chris and his staff have made every aspect of the service business into a fine-tuned skill I will never forget. I have watched managers and advisors morph into rockstars by following Chris’ advice."

Phil Gibson
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